Saturday, June 10, 2006

Billy Dim is not just a person. It's a concept. A state of mind. We live in a world where all forms of music have been tried, retried, recycled, and exhausted. Form is dead. Empty shell. Drained by the BUSINESS of music. What we hear, what we are fed, is an endless repitition of oldies, covers and pale imitations. Shall we give up and accept our fate? Listen to corporate-controlled radio and profit-driven music video television? Line up and buy the pablum offered at music stores? Not any more. Now there's a whole world of real creativity, alive and glowing in the wires of the Internet. FORM is dead. But INSPIRATION is alive and well, burning in every person who wants to create. All we have to do is reach in and find it. I quote from 'The Muses Go Swimming', a song from the Billy Dim disc, 'Sick Man Teacher Dead Man':

Fill your pockets up with stones
Leave behind your skin and bones
Then it won't be long
And you will hear their song


It's not an easy task. If it's real, it's going to be hard. But what alternative is there? Either live your life like the rest of the sheeple (sheep + people), and be spoon-fed a PRODUCT, or create your own monomyth.

And that's what Billy Dim is- the quest for burning fire inside. Experience the raw, naked sound of music where it's born- in the maelstrom of the IMAGINATION- in the heat of INSPIRATION. Maybe it sounds unpolished. Unfinished. Unprofessional. DIM. But it sounds REAL. It IS real.

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